Nov 21-24 1. International KLASICA Case Studies Symposium on Collective Behaviour Change toward Sustainable Futures in Taipei, Taiwan

The Taiwan KLASICA symposium will be a first in a series of events. It is intended to advance understanding of and stimulate action on collective behaviour change toward just and equitable sustainable futures. In this 4-day highly interactive symposium some 70 international participants will come together in Taipei. The focus will be on case studies of island and isolated communities in Asia and the Southern Pacific.

Participants selected from civil society, the private sector, governmental agencies, NGO┬┤s and the sciences will discuss, reflect and learn from a range of selected cases as observed in a variety of projects within the thematic frame islands and isolated communities.

The conference venue will be the Risk Society and Policy Research Center (RSPRC) located in the new building of the College of Social Sciences of the National Taiwan University (NTU).

For more information contact the project coordinator Angela Borowski.