IASS KLASICA International Case Studies Symposium

The Taiwan KLASICA symposium is the first in a series of events intended to advance understanding of and stimulate action on collective behavior change (CBC) toward just and equitable sustainable futures. In this symposium, the focus will be on cases of island and isolated communities in Asia seeking paths to sustainable futures. The participants will review, discuss, and analyse selected case studies to understand successes or failures of collective behaviour change observed in a variety of projects within the thematic frame of island and isolated societies.
KLASICA Symposium Taipei_Draft Agenda for participants
KLASICA Taipei Symposium Nov 2016 brief
Find a list of the participants of the workshop here

Overview of case studies to be presented
Framework of KLASICA symposium

Collective Behavior Change Towards Sustainable Futures in Asian and Pacific Island and Isolated Communities – 21-24 November 2016, National Taiwan University, Taipei

Day 1                Introductions in Plenary                                                       21 November                                              




Arrival and


Walk to the Risk, Society and Policy Research Center (RSPRC), College of Social Sciences of NTU

Welcome and registration, followed by a light lunch






Welcome and Introductions

Plenary, RSPRC

Official welcome to Taiwan

  • Ching-Ray CHANG, Vice President of Administrative Affairs, NTU
  • Cheng-Chin Wu, Vice President of NTNU
  • Shih-Tzung LIU, Dean of College of Sciences, NTU
  • Kuo-Hsien SU, Dean of School of Social Sciences, NTU

Welcome to the conference and brief introduction to KLASICA
Ortwin Renn and Ilan ChabayRound of Individual introductions

14:20-14:45 Keynote

 Plenary, RSPRC

Collective behaviour change towards sustainable futures – an Taiwanese perspective
Shin-Cheng Yeh, Professor, NTNU, and Former Minister without Portfolio of the Executive Yuan






Plenary, RSPRC

Interviews with the representatives of the case studies
Facilitated by Ortwin Renn and Viola Gerlach, IASS
Poster Discussions Individual and group conversations around the case study posters with coffee and tea


Summary and closing remarks

End of Day 1

By Ortwin Renn and Ilan Chabay
19:00 Dinner Number One Restaurant


Day 2              Group Discussions  of Cases                           22 November




Opening of Day 2

Plenary, RSPRC

Introduction of the roadmap for the day
By Ortwin Renn and Viola Gerlach


Breakout sessions

Breakout rooms

Case discussions with coffee and tea
12:30-13:30 Lunch Break RSPRC


Breakout sessions cont.

Breakout rooms

Continuation of case discussions






Coffee/Tea Break RSPRC




Breakout sessions cont.

Breakout rooms


Group meetings to write the summary for Day 3



18:30 End of Day 2
19:30 Dinner Bus transfer to Nordsee Restaurant for dinner followed by some sightseeing activities for those interested


Day 3              Plenary            Case summary presentations           November 23




Opening of Day 3 Introduction of the roadmap for the day
By Ortwin Renn & Viola Gerlach


Group discussions

Breakout rooms



Discussions, complete writing and preparation of presentation of case studies with coffee and tea
12:00-13:00 Lunch Break RSPRC
13:00-16:00 Case



Plenary, RSPRC


Presentation of the cases to the plenary – 20 min for each of the 6 groups, discussion



16:00-16:30 Coffee/Tea Break RSPRC



Presentations cont.


Plenary, RSPRC

Presentation of case summaries and discussion continued, first consideration of key points for lessons learned and ways forward




Summary Day 3

Plenary, RSPRC

By Ortwin Renn and Ilan Chabay


19:30 Dinner Howard International House, VIP room 14th floor


Day 4       Plenary                                          November 24                                                     




Opening of Day 4

Plenary, RSPRC

Introduction of the roadmap for the final day
By Ortwin Renn and Viola Gerlach


The Way Forward


Lessons Learned: enabling and hindering factors, pathways for implementation

Open discussion in the plenary
Moderated by Ortwin Renn and Viola Gerlach

11:30-12:00 Coffee/ tea  break RSPRC
12:00-13:30 The Way Forward cont.

 Plenary, RSPRC

Way forward to expanding implementation and testing of lessons learned

Open discussion in the plenary
Moderated by Ortwin Renn and Viola Gerlach

13:30-14:00 Closing,

End of Day 4

Plenary, RSPRC

Closing of the Symposium
By Ortwin Renn, Ilan Chabay, and Taiwanese colleagues
14:00-15:00 Lunch, followed by departures of participants