KLASICA engages with the crucial questions of what is needed to enable and catalyse societal transformations – collective behaviour changes (CBC) – toward sustainability with equity and justice in the myriad of social, economic, cultural, and political contexts that comprise human societies. KLASICA is more than a traditional research project:

  • It aims at producing results that both our understanding of how the CBC unfolds, based on real-world case studies, and how it can be triggered and supported in broader settings.
  • KLASICA addresses societal challenges by engaging collaboratively and iteratively with stake- and rights-holder groups throughout the research process, including defining the research project priorities and design, data collection, analysis, and interpretation and communication of outputs and outcomes.
  • KLASICA employs deep expertise in multiple distinct disciplines of natural and social sciences and humanities in interdisciplinary dialogues and research on specific issues relevant to issues studied.
  • KLASICA draws upon ideas and knowledge from traditional and local knowledge based in specific socio-ecological contexts to inform research and actions, as well as from formal science and scholarship.
  • KLASICA expands ways to investigate how different forms of knowledge are understood and applied.
  • KLASICA develops information and resources for science-policy- society interactions and multi-level decision-making.

Ultimately, KLASICA is the global, impact-driven research and policy network for collective behaviour change for sustainable futures. It is hosted by the Institute for Advanced Sustainability Studies (IASS) in Potsdam, Germany.
Strong synergies with the FUTURE EARTH initiative ( are intended.